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Testimonial from Noah Namowicz, 2009 Fowler Winner

Namowicz discusses the long-term benefits of participating in the Fowler Business Concept Challenge:

The Fowler Business competition allowed me to really delve deeper into the final Entrepreneurship project I was working toward in ENTR 450. Participating in the Fowler competition forced me to get serious about my research and due diligence in vetting my concept earlier than other people who did not compete. Having this experience allowed me to get fresh perspectives on my venture, and ultimately allowed me to grow and adapt my concept after presenting it in front of a distinguished panel of judges who gave me extremely valuable constructive feedback. I took the things I learned participating in the Fowler and used them to ultimately go on to win my semester’s ENTR 450 final business plan competition with my collaborative office concept, Megan Fridays.

Now having graduated, I can look back and say it is so true that as a student it is possible to open an endless amount of doors in the name of your studies. Participating in competitions like this allowed me to meet heads of businesses, financiers and other mentors in the business world that I would have otherwise never been able to get in front of. It was just a matter of me showing up and putting in the work, then good things came. If I hadn’t of competed and hit the ground running with my field research, I would have never got the opportunity to meet my current boss, my current banker, my real estate agent, or my mentors. I would say without a doubt this opportunity was a huge platform for me to use to ultimately build my professional network and grow into the career and businesses I now have started.