Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

2009 Winners & Finalists

Graduate Division

First Place
Derek Buschow and Jeremiah Messerer

iApply is a business solution that will modernize the hiring process by allowing the employer to streamline applicant evaluations prior to extending an interview to an applicant. This application allows companies to pre-screen applicants, which helps focus their attention on the qualified applicants. By doing this, companies will be able to save time, reduce effort and be more cost efficient throughout the hiring process.

Second Place
Senthil Kumaran and Mike Wayman

Letsdiviup is an online tool geared toward mobile device users to share expenses with roommates, friends, family and members. The Web site can be used for any occasion where there is a shared expense, including fund raisers, trips, vacations, room rental, dining out or any other group function.

Third Place
Tanya Novak and Jeremy James (SM) is the first cell phone based product search engine that will provide both in-store product inventory and location data to consumers and provide retailers with highly valuable customer analytics. Users can search and find products specific to a particular location within the store by entering items directly into the phone’s application, or items/lists can be preloaded on the Web site. The cell application will be free to the retail store’s customers.

Fourth Place
The Farm
Jordan Jones and Laura Storkamp

The Farm is a 90-day, 16-bed mental health treatment and vocational training center for people with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) who have been through many treatment programs without achieving their desired results. The Farm would be the only therapeutic farming community in Minnesota and would employ horticulture therapy and vocational training programs to meet the needs of a group of people who would otherwise be lost in the mental health system.

Undergraduate Division

First Place
5th Corner Media
Matt Lichtfuss and Zach Neugebauer

5th Corner Media willprovide a satellite music source through a company called Muzak that will play music similar to FM radio in tanning salons; the only difference is that when the music breaks for commercial, 5th Corner Media will be selling the ad spots.

Second Place
Joseph Nesbitt and Jeff Sevaldson

iFam iFam is a wireless device that enables older adults to communicate with family members by simply pushing a button. Using WiFi technology, the iFam is a hand held device that is able to send text messages, e-mails, Twitter updates and Facebook messages to the older adult’s family members. This product would be available for families to purchase for their older family member and then inform him or her how to use it.

Third Place (tied)
SnapSystem Bikes
Emily Pritchard and Martha McCarthy

A SnapSystem bicycle is a multi-component "snap in place" bicycle specifically tailored to meet the needs of the urban commuter, solving the main problems associated with a bike commute. These foremost concerns include bike theft, safety and lack of “trunk” space. The benefit of SnapSystem urban bicycle lies in its ability to securely assemble and disassemble in seconds.

Third Place (tied)
Megan Friday’s
Anthony Kelly and Noah Namowicz

Through a collaborative shared office environment, Megan Fridays enables active professionals that are typically working from home, local coffee shops, small offices or larger generic environments to enjoy the aesthetic and cultural benefits of working for a larger forward-thinking company without losing any of their creative freedom. Megan Fridays is the perfect partner for active professionals who could benefit from enjoying a strong community of like-minded people.