Nurturing the
Entrepreneurial Leader

The Schulze School of Entrepreneurship combines a focus on educating the next generation of business founders and creative thinkers with a commitment to serving the business community.

The only one of its kind within a business school, the Schulze School provides undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs, leading edge collaborative endeavors and opportunities for funding new ventures. 

Inside the classroom, entrepreneurship students learn to spot opportunities and become innovators, whether in their own businesses or as a leader in an existing business. In the community, Schulze School centers and institutes provide consulting, networking and small business incubators to help launch new endeavors.

The Lab

Students and alumni with business startups occupy seven fully equipped offices in the heart of Schulze Hall teaching space. This collaborative community of entrepreneurs tap into faculty support, the insights of local entrepreneurs and have access to university resources. Lab tenants offer guidance to current students and employ many as interns.

Entrepreneurial Student Activities

An undergraduate major in entrepreneurship and graduate-level courses for UST MBA students develop graduates well-prepared for any challenge.

The annual Fowler Business Concept Challenge allows students to develop a business concept and vie for scholarships.

Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship

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An accomplished entrepreneur, academic, investor and CEO with a track record of success at top entrepreneurship universities, Brian Abraham, Ph.D. is the first associate dean of entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas.

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