Purpose drives Minneapolis ad agency Solve and its clients

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Since its opening in mid-2011, Solve, an independent advertising and branding firm in Minneapolis, has been growing its client list as well as its reputation as "the purposeful agency." CEO John Colasanti, one of the four senior creative industry leaders that founded the agency, said Solve didn't "set out to only look for companies that are going to make the world a better place," but clients such as Organic Valley and Medifast are steering it in that direction.

The founders' previous work at powerhouse Minneapolis agencies Carmichael Lynch and Fallon Worldwide gives Solve an edge; Mike Porter, director of the Master of Business Communication program at the Opus College of Business, said the agency offers a team with strategy and branding expertise in addition to creative talents. "You've got principals who have decades of combined experience at two of the best agencies in this market," said Porter. "Suddenly that expertise is available to a broader range of clients who may have hoped that they could get the attention of Carmichael Lynch but couldn't afford them."

Originally published: 01/20/2013, Star Tribune