On the job with Sean Elder

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sean Elder ’11 M.B.A., chief operating officer of Hiawatha Academies, was profiled by the Star Tribune for his effectiveness in putting his business skills to work for charter schools. His work with the schools, he told the paper, centers on "data-driven decision-making. That's very MBA-ish."

The profile emphasizes Elder’s belief that there’s not as much of a clear line between the worlds of nonprofits and business. “I don't agree with the narrative of business versus nonprofit," he said. “The only difference between the two models is what you can do with surplus revenue. Schools are a human capital business. We need to be results-oriented. That's a business mindset.”

Sean Elder was also profiled in the most recent issue of B. Magazine.

Originally published: 12/02/2012, Star Tribune