US News & World Report lists UST among 10 lowest-priced private business schools

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quoting a Harvard Business School graduate who said that his $101,000 student loan debt felt like "a gun to his head," US News & World Report noted that it's quite possible to get an MBA from a high-quality private business school without paying the $60,160 in annual tuition and fees required at Harvard. The magazine examined the annual costs of the private business schools listed in their prestigious rankings, and posted a list of the 10 least expensive private business schools, all of which require an annual outlay of less than $35,000.

The Opus College of Business is delighted to make this list with a cited annual cost of $28,000. Any business student would tell you that return on investment is a crucial consideration; an MBA from a program ranked in the top 25% of the nation's best business schools for less than half the cost of the most expensive programs is certainly a very high-ROI proposition.

Originally published: 06/05/2012, US News & World Report