The Affordable Care Act Passed. Now What?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In the most recent issue of the Opus College of Business' B. Magazine, professors Jack Millitello and Mick Sheppeck wrote an article describing the early results of a study they've launched which will detail the actions taken by health care organizations in the course of implementing the provisions of the health care reform legislation collectively known as the Affordable Care Act. While the details are many, their overarching conclusion is that health care providers currently "do not exhibit a strong market focus," but that "this may be changing as a more knowledgeable consumer class is participating in the health care choices in which it has more financial involvement."

Cheryl Anderson of the Minnesota School of Business was impressed by the article and wrote a response, noting that Millitello and Sheppeck "seemed discouraged with the overall findings" that health care providers are encountering difficulty in implementing the law. Anderson's final verdict is that the research "is interesting and germane to Globe University and health care management programs in general."

Originally published: 05/15/2012, Globe College / Minnesota School of Business