The ins and outs of innovation

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Opus College of Business' Intersections discussion series concluded on April 26 with Intersections in Innovation, a dialogue between Jeff Lavers, vice president of marketing, sales and corporate communications at 3M, and Laura Dunham, Ph.D., associate professor of entrepreneurship at UST. Finance & Commerce's Dan Heilman was struck by Lavers' dictum that "it’s important for companies to have two ingredients on their side: someone who can act as an evangelist on behalf of cutting-edge ideas, and the ability to not fear failure but to embrace it," and Dunham's corrollary that "a culture that allows people to fail leads to 'smart mistakes' that build capability and knowledge."

Heilman's complete writeup of the event is available at Finance & Commerce.

Originally published: 04/27/2012, Finance & Commerce