Annual Survey Shows Many Companies See Better Times in 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

After a year's worth of experience with the federal Health Care Reform Act, which passed in March 2010, Minnesota companies pleaded for the act to be revisited. The survey also revealed some disconnects on health care reform.

"Human nature just does not like uncertainty .... and I think that's part of what you are seeing on these preferences," said Christopher Puto, dean of the University of St. Thomas Opus School of Business.

If companies can predict health care costs, regulatory costs or taxes with some degree of certainty, then they can plan for that. "Otherwise you have to come up with all of these contingencies" to anticipate a range of public policy outcomes, Puto said.

"My hypothesis is that they are convinced that the health care challenge is on its way to some form of resolution that is not negative. When you have a sweeping change ... it's going to have problems. So you revisit that."

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