Thomas Bohen, longtime St. Thomas business professor

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A longtime professor at the University of St. Thomas, Thomas Bohen enjoyed teaching partly because it gave him a chance to show students that they could be both successful and ethical in business.

Bohen died on Dec. 7 at age 94.

Bohen taught courses in marketing, finance and business ethics during a period of dramatic growth for his department at St. Thomas, his children said. He was named Professor of the Year in 1979 and served as department chair for many years before retiring in 1983.

As Bohen's department attracted more students over the years, he heard his share of resentful comments from teachers who thought the university focused too much on business and not enough on other fields, his children said. But Bohen believed strongly in the value of the liberal arts education his students got. "He thought it was absolutely essential that they be well-rounded," Rowley said.


Originally published: 12/18/2010, Star Tribune