Catholic Health Association (CHA) launches new resource

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Catholic Health Association (CHA) recently launched an online resource for its members, entitled By Their Fruits You Will Know Them: Mission Assessment and Measurement.   The resource highlights mission evaluation and measurement processes which have been applied successfully within four Catholic health care systems.  The Catholic Identity Matrix (CIM), an organizational assessment process jointly pioneered by the University of St. Thomas’ SAIP Institute and Ascension Health, is featured in an online resource.  The resource was created for CHA members, but it may be viewed for a limited time at

The resource includes an interview with Dean Maines, president of the SAIP Institute, and Bill Brinkmann, vice president of Leadership Formation at Ascension Health.  They discuss the development of the CIM, its use at Ascension Health and the concrete changes which have resulted from its application.  The CIM adapts the Self-Assessment and Improvement Process for use within Catholic health care institutions. 

CHA provides support for Catholic health care organizations throughout the United States in the areas of mission, ethics and advocacy.  Maines and Brinkmann have been invited to speak about the CIM at the CHA’s annual conference, which will be held in New Orleans June 7-9. 2009.


University of St. Thomas Press Release, 03/09/2009