Is It Legal? Yes. Ethical? Perhaps. Underhanded? Definitely.

Monday, August 19, 2013

"Underhand serves, especially when they are perceived to provide a performance advantage, are ethically questionable, perceived as deceitful trickery, and, in a word, underhanded," wrote Christopher Michaelson, Ph.D., asssociate professor of ethics and business law, in the Huffington Post. "Should they be?"

In business, this form of question -- "It's legal, but is it ethical?" -- comes up all the time. It may well be the defining question of 21st century capitalism, in which the actions of the powerful affect the well-being of the powerless, income inequality is growing, and cross-cultural value systems clash for supremacy - as business leaders and regulators grapple with the extent to which their ethical obligations should constrain their economic activities.

Originally published: 08/19/2013, Huffington Post