Target Center Renovation Talks Hit a Snag

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last May, the legislature and Minneapolis City Council approved funding for a new Vikings stadium and a $100 million dollar renovation of Target Center. But things slowed down when the Timberwolves and AEG expressed a desire to have a long-term commitment from the city about future upgrades, which means a larger financial commitment as well.

John Wendt, J.D., who specializes in sports management at St. Thomas told KSTP News that taxpayers should be concerned about any long-term deal. "It makes no sense. You don't know what you're committing to."

And he says, funding Target Center, the Vikings stadium and the city's convention center with downtown sales tax money is risky. The economy could slow and people could cut down on their spending. "We could be in trouble."

Originally published: 07/23/2013, KSTP-TV