Fallon ad agency loses Cadillac account

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Minneapolis ad agency Fallon and their client, Cadillac, have parted ways after a nearly three-year relationship, with the iconic American luxury vehicle maker deciding to go in a different marketing direction, reported the Star Tribune.

Advertising and public relations professor John Purdy called the agency-client split “a sad day for Fallon and a sad day for the Minneapolis advertising community.”

“It’s good to have those marquee accounts, because it reflects on the whole market,” Purdy said. “It hurts a bit.”

Loss of a big account such as Cadillac often means layoffs in the advertising world, although Fallon has been mum on that topic.

“There’s only one variable cost that you can address and that’s people,” said Purdy, an agency alumnus.

Originally published: 06/18/2013, Star Tribune