Parents Express Concerns about Day Care Unionization Costs

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Senate passed the day care unionization bill on Wednesday. If it passes the House, workers would have the opportunity to vote on whether to form a union. If they do, day care owners would either become dues-paying members or choose to forgo state subsidies.

If home day care workers are allowed to join a union, supporters say they could collectively bargain for higher state subsidies, and in turn, improve their quality of care without increasing costs. But opponents insist it will pump up prices for parents, as providers pass the cost of union dues on to their customers.
"If it has any impact at all, I would guess it would have to increase it a little bit," said Dave Vang, an economist with the University of St. Thomas.
But Vang couldn't predict how high prices could climb because the details of such a union haven't been worked out yet.

Originally published: 05/16/2013, KAAL-TV