On the Job with Kevin Hejna

Monday, March 18, 2013

Profile by Laura French, adjunct professor in the Opus College of Business

Kevin Hejna '11 M.B.A. was an investment manager from 2005 to 2008. Then came the recession. “It was not a great time for investment professionals,” Hejna said. With few opportunities to advance in the workforce, he chose another route to keep his career moving forward: He went back to school for a master of business administration (MBA) degree at the University of St. Thomas.

Graduate school became more than a place to “wait out the financial crisis,” Hejna discovered. “I always assumed that investment management was where I belonged. But in graduate school, I learned there were other interesting avenues to pursue. They develop you through a core curriculum. I learned I was actually more interested in corporate finance.”As a consultant, Hejna spends most weeks on the road. While the travel schedule can be difficult, he does see the sights in the towns where his engagements take him. So far, that has included Montreal, Manhattan, Columbus and Detroit. Another plus: “I’ve gotten to sample all kinds of different food,” he said.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating an MBA?

It is what you make of it. Nothing is given to you when you leave. You have to take charge and make your own career path. I have no complaints — although I probably wouldn’t have said that while I was in the program.

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Originally published: 03/18/2013, Star Tribune