Which Local Grocers Have Cheapest, Best Produce?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Consumer demand for fresh produce has driven a 40 percent increase in area grocery store prices in the past four years, according to WCCO's Esme Murphy. Digging more deeply into this, Murphy and other investigators from WCCO looked into the logistical infrastructure that supplies produce to Twin Cities supermarkets and determined that "some of the same suppliers provide produce to discounters like Aldi, mid-range stores like Cub and high-end store like Lunds."

The difference, Murphy reports, is that while the stores often get their produce from the same place, the chains differ on how broad a variety they'll offer and how rigorously they screen the produce selected for their stores. Asked for comment, the Opus College of Business' Jon Seltzer noted that "ten years ago, produce was important; now it’s even more important. It’s why consumers pick a store."

Originally published: 11/01/2012, WCCO