Star Tribune 100 coverage sees bright spots

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Star Tribune's annual examination of the performance of the state of Minnesota'a 100 largest companies shows lots of room for optimism this year. Not surprisingly, their reporters turned frquently to Opus College of Business faculty for analysis. In one story noting that companies are showing an increased willingness to spend money and hire workers in the next year, OCB dean Chris Puto agreed that there is movement on a broad front. "...88 percent are spending on capital, and nearly 60 percent are going to increase headcount," he told the paper.

This projected growth comes after a year when Minnesota's largest companies fought to stay the course during continued economic uncertainty. A second story in the Star Tribune 100 coverage reports a mixed bag of economic indicators for 2011. Aggregate revenue for the Star Tribune 100 increased 5.3 percent, and payrolls by 4.3 percent. But the collective market value of the 100 firms remained largely the same. "The fundamentals improved. But they did not get rewarded for it," said UST finance professor David Vang in response to these numbers.  

Originally published: 05/06/2012, Star Tribune