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Application & Admission

Our goal is to make the application process as simple as possible. If you have any questions, or would like informational materials mailed to you, please request program information or contact us for assistance.

MBC student looks over computer screen

The application process varies slightly for degree-seeking applicants and certificate applicants and there are additional requirements for international students as part of the application process.

Who Should Apply

Students in the UST MBC program come from a broad range of jobs, industries, experiences and educational backgrounds. They are likely to be working in marketing, advertising, public relations, media relations, management, training and sales, although the program contains educators, engineers, musicians, computer scientists and others seeking to add communication to their areas of expertise.

UST MBC students enroll
  • to build communication careers
  • to move beyond a single communication specialty
  • to study business
  • to acquire a competitive edge
  • to make a career transition
  • to network with other professionals
  • to just keep learning
UST MBC students learn
  • to communicate strategically
  • to understand and integrate communication specialties
  • to manage people and projects
  • to balance the concerns of management and multiple audiences
  • to communicate accurately, effectively, ethically
UST MBC students become
  • corporate communicators
  • independent business owners
  • agency professionals
  • consultants
  • analysts
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