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MBC student listens in class

We hope we have addressed your question in the list below, but if not, or if you would like further assistance, feel free to contact us at or (651) 962-8800.

Do I have time for this program? How much time should I expect to spend outside of class hours?

You should expect to spend at least three hours outside of class for every hour spent in the classroom. Give yourself time to adjust to the addition of study hours in your schedule. Most successful students carefully balance their activities, create a predictable daily and weekly schedule and build in time family and friends.

Can certificate students enroll in courses required for the MBC degree program?

Yes, except for these: Financial Accounting (ACCT 601), Data Analysis for Decision Making (OPMT 601), Principles of Economic Analysis (GBEC 515) and Communication Research (BCOM 610).

As a graduate business communications certificate student, can I apply to the MBC degree program?

Yes. Start by taking the GMAT, GRE or completing the MBA Math program. Then complete a “Transfer to Degree” form online to be considered for degree status. (Be sure that your GPA in the graduate program is 3.0 or better.) Your file will be reviewed when the official scores are received. If you transfer early (before completing six courses), you will have more flexibility when registering for classes.

When I earn my certificate, do I get something to frame?

Yes. When you complete six appropriate classes for a certificate, contact the MBC office to request that a document is ordered.

How should I choose my courses?

The MBC program is intended to be flexible. You may choose and sequence courses according to your needs. New students often start with one or two courses that relate directly to a current job and then move on to courses that will be more significant to their long-term career plans. Your adviser can help you think about your goals, and the best mix of electives to meet them.

Can I take classes from other graduate programs in the Opus College of Business?

Yes. However, you must meet all course prerequisites and will need adviser or program director approval. Submit a written rationale for a course addition or substitution. Explain why the course should be a part of your program.

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