Risk Leadership in a Global Context (MGMT 753)

London, United Kingdom

May 30-June 7, 2015

Course Description 

This course is intended to broaden the appeal from previous offerings by relaxing the exclusive focus on global corporations and surveying risk issues in wider-ranging settings. In global settings the subject of risk leadership requires students to develop some understanding of the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to be a risk leader—both in organizational and in multilateral settings. In order to accomplish this goal, the course will address:

  • The importance of cultural perspectives on perception of risk, and specifically the challenge of risk situations where multiple cultural perspectives are involved.
  • The concept of leadership as it is generally understood.
  • The emerging idea of risk leadership and the early work that has been done on understanding the skill and knowledge set of the risk leader.
  • The broad framework for modern risk management—its form, function and justification.
  • The general concept of global risks and the specific properties and challenges therein.

The 2015 version of this course represents the 17th year St. Thomas has offered risk management and insurance-related courses in London. London is the appropriate venue for a number of reasons. Principally, the London risk and insurance market is the only truly global risk market where the widest range of international risk issues are evaluated and addressed. As such, it is home to many of the world’s top risk experts and thus presents students with an economical way to have the broadest exposure to many leaders in the field — not just from the UK, but from the rest of Europe as well; in past years we have had guest speakers from Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Portugal. It must also be noted that not only is London the leading global risk management center right now, but has been so for over 300 years. These historical foundations present students with a particularly enriching opportunity to understand present day challenges through the lens of the centuries-old evolution of risk management and the risk industry.


Dr. Peter C. Young, Professor
3M Endowed Chair in International Business 


At least five core courses completed. Must be an active student in good standing with a GPA greater than 3.0. Familiarity with corporate risk management, finance or audit is helpful. Concurrent spring 2015 registration in MGMT 751: Enterprise Risk Management is encouraged, if not taken previously.

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