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UST Venture Capital / Private Equity Club


The UST Venture Capital / Private Equity (VC/PE) Club is a research-focused student organization aimed at helping students learn more about venture capital and private equity, both as a process and an industry. Our mission is to provide our members with opportunities to learn about the venture capital and private equity industries, to interact with professionals in the local investment community and to develop relationships with members of the UST MBA community who share similar interests. This organization engages in an ongoing series of research projects in the areas of valuation and due diligence.


The VC/PE club is comprised of students from diverse financial backgrounds who have deep interests in venture capital and are skilled at identifying investment opportunities. The group includes students in the Full-time and Evening UST MBA programs studying financial management.


  1. Perform market trends analysis and industry due diligence
  2. Support the Norris Institute in finding entrepreneurs and emerging companies
  3. Provide outreach opportunities for VC/PE sponsors
  4. Educate UST students about the VC/PE process


Sam LeVahn

Vice Presidents
Ken Rivet and Mike Schulte

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