Marketing Club

The UST MBA Marketing Club provides opportunities for UST MBA students to gain exposure to a variety of marketing careers. It aims to introduce students to marketing practices in diverse industries and settings including corporate, agency and nonprofit companies. The Marketing Club also facilitates the development of UST MBA students by sponsoring speaker events, corporate tours and networking opportunities with local and regional marketing professionals. 


Anyone with an interest in marketing should join the club. Each event will be constructed with the intention of providing valuable knowledge in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Students that are not intending on beginning a career in marketing can benefit from our meetings by learning more about companies and their business environments by attending and networking at the events.

Goals and Objectives

The Marketing Club would like to provide engaging events for all members and encourage all UST MBA students to explore possible interests in marketing-related topics. Listed below are possible events for the upcoming year:

  • Brewery tour with local microbrewery
  • Partnering with other clubs for joint events
  • Happy Hour panel of recent UST Grads to discuss initial roles out of school
  • Lunch with speaker from Brave New Workshop
  • Partner with Career Services to organize a tour of an advertising agency
  • Speaker from local company with UST connections at a sporting event
  • Lunch panel of marketing professionals in large Twin Cities companies
  • Networking / celebratory end-of-year Happy Hour between 1st years and 2nd years


Neha Shehani

Vice President of Finance
Metasebia Ayalew

Vice Presidents of Events
Allen Bredeson 
Nigel Brown

Faculty Advisor
Avinash Malshe

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