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International Business Club

Our mission: 

Our mission is to prepare students to lead in the global marketplace by increasing their international education beyond the classroom and exposing them to international business roles.


Anyone with an affinity and appreciation for learning about international business and cultures is welcome to join the club. The International Business Club aspires to be the premier community for cultural exchange between MBA students from many diverse backgrounds and experiences.

As a member of the International Business Club, you will gain an awareness of global business insights, challenges, strategies and solutions. In addition, you will have opportunities to develop or enhance your ability to relate to people of diverse cultures and increase your cultural competencies in a creative and fun learning atmosphere. 


The International Business Club objectives are to:

  • Create dialogue between the St. Thomas MBA community and the Twin Cities corporate community
  • Improve knowledge of international business perspectives and current global business trends
  • Increase awareness of issues and challenges faced by international students
  • Promote cultural diversity through events

The Board

President: Sandra Pastrana

Faculty Advisor: Professor Kathryn Combs

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