International Business Club

Our mission: to increase MBA students’ international education beyond the classroom and prepare them to lead in a global marketplace.

Membership: Benefits of Participation

We encourage participation from anyone who is interested in learning about the various aspects of international business. International Business Club (IBC) provides opportunities to help UST MBA candidates stay current on global business insights. On a personal level, IBC will help participants develop or enhance their ability to relate to people of diverse cultures and increase their cultural competencies.


The International Business Club objectives are to:

  • Increase MBA students’ awareness of international business issues & trends
  • Expose students to international opportunities & networking
  • Promote cultural diversity and foster cultural competence among international and American students
  • Support international students to integrate into the UST community and leverage their experiences to benefit American students


President: Rashmi Kandwal

Co-Vice President of Finance: Janet Namulondo

Co-Vice President of Finance: Tsion Rumicho

Co-Vice President of Marketing: Nana Kwapong

Co-Vice President of Marketing: Juan Gomez

Faculty Advisor: Professor Kathryn Combs