First-year students have a full schedule of classes and programming every day. Second-year students have a greater degree of flexibility in arranging their elective classes. Here are detailed resourses on the semester and academic year:

Fall 2013
J-Term 2014
  • January 2014
Spring 2014

2013 - 2014 Academic Calendar

Planned Elective Course Schedule

This list represents the elective schedule in a two-year cycle, to assist students with planning their enrollments. It is subject to change and additions.

Course Catalog

Descriptions and details for all graduate business courses‌


Murphy Online is a self service tool allowing you to access important information. On Murphy Online you may manage bill payment, view your student account,view course schedules, look up grades, view degree evaluations and unofficial transcripts and more.

Each UST MBA student has a personal identification number (PIN) that will allow access to Murphy Online. If you forget or lose your PIN, please contact the IRT Tech Desk at (651) 962-6230 for assistance.