Event Planning Guide

Approval Process

Three weeks prior to your event

Check the Full-Time UST MBA Calendar site to see if any other events have been planned for your date. With the number of students and clubs, events will sometimes conflict.

Email or talk to Kay Wimer about your event. They will check to be sure there are no program conflicts and will post the event to the Google Calendar.

If you are planning to invite a speaker, consult Linda Sloan, director of Career Services. Having her involved will help the UST MBA Programs gain valuable contacts for students.

Reserving a Facility

  • Go to: https://events.stthomas.edu
  • Click on “Request an Event” at the top of the page
  • Click on the date your event will take place on the calendar at the right side of the page
  • Scroll down to the room you wish to reserve. If it isn’t listed, just click on the proper time. You will then need to change the room in the form.
  • Sign in using your UST username and password.
  • Fill in the Request an Event form, starting with the name of your event.
    • Event Type is a pull down menu.
    • Sponsoring Organization will always be “Opus College of Business”
    • Expected Head Count is best guess. The information helps determine the space.
    • Event Description – complete if your event will be listed on the Bulletin.
    • Be sure to check the Start and End days and times.
    • Space Preference - If you were unable to find the space you wanted earlier, click “Other” under Space Preference and fill in the blank area with the facility code (ie MOH201 for Opus Hall room 201). Many rooms on the Minneapolis campus are not listed on the menu and must be filled in.
    • Resources - As a student you are unable to request technology. Please contact a Student Life Team member for assistance.
    • Be sure to fill in the Organization code: 897002
    • Put in Deb Basarich or Kay Wimer as club advisor
    • Setup Needs – Give a detailed description of how you want your room set up. Be sure to include a table for refreshment, and where you want it placed. Give approximate set up and take down times.
  • Click “Next” at the bottom of the page when you are finished, then check to be sure your information is accurate. Click “Submit” and you are finished.
    You may not get an email when your space is confirmed. Check the events page by clicking on My Requests at the top of the page.


Note – Confirm your facility space before you request food!
Minneapolis Menu

  • Go to the Request for Service site.
  • Click on “Food Services” and log in with your UST ID and password
  • Department is always “Opus College of Business”
  • Index will be 897002
  • Select “Minneapolis” from the pull down menu regarding campus
  • Put in your confirmed room number
  • Enter your order details and submit the form


Must be requested at least three weeks prior to your event! 
UST Alcoholic Beverage Policy »

  • Students may not request alcoholic beverages. Student Life staff must make the request.
  • For an off-campus event at which alcohol will be served, we need one full month!
  • Alcohol will not be served at any function in which there is a charge to attend.


Equipment Checkout

Students may not check out equipment. Please ask a member of the Student Life staff to request technology at least four days prior to your event.


  • Be sure your event is on the Google Calendar, with as much information as possible.
  • Create a PowerPoint slide to be aired on the TV monitor in the Commons.
  • As a last minute reminder, put your event on one of the white boards by the lockers.


Members of the Student Life Team will be happy to assist you in making purchases for the Full-Time UST MBA Program using their university credit cards. You may also request that items be ordered through Corporate Express. Because of time constraints, etc., it may be necessary for a member of the Student Association to make purchases for which they will need to be reimbursed.

Remember, sales tax is never reimbursed by the university. 
UST’s Tax Free ID# is 21906. Bring a copy of our Certificate of Tax Exempt Status with you when you go shopping for Student Association-related items. Note: Tax on food at restaurants is not covered by the form. It will be reimbursed.

Expense Reimbursement

Complete and submit a reimbursement request. Please contact Kay Wimer for assistance.