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Academics & Curriculum

A Principled, Relevant Curriculum

The Full-time MBA program has been carefully designed to mold high-potential students into ethical business professionals capable of impacting their organizations and their communities. Our graduates do more than make decisions. They make a difference.

MBA Student at Commencement

The Full-time MBA is a 21-month program that begins annually in late August and follows this general schedule:

  • Core curriculum in the first academic year and continuing into the second year.
  • Summer internships to gain valuable real-world experience between academic years.
  • Elective courses in the second academic year to prepare for chosen job and job market trends.
  • Professional development activities throughout the program.
  • Graduation in May of second year.

A Tightly Integrated Core Curriculum

The full-time MBA curriculum is a package of tightly woven business concepts that overlap and influence one another. Faculty from different subject areas team-teach in many classes to provide students with a holistic view of the complex environment in which organizations operate. For example, a single Harvard Business Review case study is examined in marketing, accounting and organizational behavior courses to ensure that students understand the complexities associated with high-level decision making in an organization.

Degree Requirements

The Full-time MBA program incorporates 24 courses into an intensive, tightly woven curriculum of active learning. All Full-time MBA students are required to complete the following:

Total: 24 courses, 61 credits

Degree Plan

Year one: Core program Year two: Career specialization

Marketing Management (MKTG 600)
Management of Organizational Behavior (MGMT 600)
Financial Accounting (ACCT 601)
Statistical Methods for Decision Making (OPMT 600)
Economics of Organization & Management (GBEC 600)
Applied Communications Lab (MGMT 663)
Leadership Development Lab (MGMT 660)


Ethical Leadership and Corporate Responsibility (BETH 701)
Ethics Lab (BETH 702)
3 Electives


Career coaching and professional development activities


Optional study abroad experience


Financial Management (FINC 600)
Managerial Accounting (ACCT 605)
Operations Management (OPMT 610)
Applied Business Research (MKTG 652)
Applied Communications Labs (MGMT 664, 665)
Elective Course


Strategic Management Capstone (MGMT 799)
Leadership Development Lab (MGMT 662)
3 Electives


MBA paid internship

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