Leigh Lawton

Professor, Operations and Supply Chain Management


(651) 962-5084

2115 Summit Ave
McNeely Hall 307
St. Paul, MN 55105

Ph.D., Marketing, University of Wisconsin
B.S., Accounting, Valparaiso University

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Leigh Lawton has been a faculty member at St. Thomas for more than 30 years. He has served as the department chair of both the Marketing Department and the Operations and Supply Chain Management Department, where he has taught statistics, marketing and marketing research.

Lawton has extensive experience in designing and conducting marketing research studies for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small, private firms. While the consulting engagements have covered numerous areas, much of the work has involved survey research.

His research interests focus on the educational outcomes of business simulations (he is co-developer and author of Maven: A Marketing Simulation, and has authored a multitude of articles on the subject) and the educational value of study abroad programs.

J-Term 2015 Courses
J-Term 2015 Courses
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Spring 2015 Courses
Spring 2015 Courses
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OPMT 600 - 202 Stat. Methods for Dec. Making - T - - - - - 1800 - 2100 SCH 301
Description of course Stat. Methods for Dec. Making : CRN: 22109
This course provides students with a basic understanding of the role of statistics in the gathering of data, the creation of information and its use in decision-making. Students will learn methods for summarizing data, both numerically and graphically, and for drawing conclusions from sample data. Statistical analyses will be carried out using the computer and statistical software. The focus of the course is on how statistical methods can be placed on the design of statistical studies, collection of data, and the interpretation of results (rather than the details of computation). Prerequisite: None

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Location Time Day(s)
OPMT 601 - 501 Data Analysis for Dec Making - - W - - - - 1800 - 2100 TMH 355
Description of course Data Analysis for Dec Making : CRN: 22111
Registration is restricted to MBC degree students only; Demonstrates the value and limitations of data and how they are analyzed to create information in support of a decision. This course includes design of the data collection process, analysis of data, tools for presenting data summaries, recognition of what data can and cannot reveal, and interpretation of results as an aid to making a decision.

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Location Time Day(s)
STAT 220 - 06 Statistics I M - W - F - - 1055 - 1200 OSS 328
Description of course Statistics I : CRN: 20917 4 Credit Hours
Formerly IDTH 220 or QMCS 220 Introductory applied statistics. Work environment; population, sampling frame, random sample, type of variables and studies. Descriptive statistics: collecting, displaying, summarizing, and interpreting data to extract information. Probability; relative frequency definition of probability, conditional probability, independence, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distribution and probability density, binomial, normal, standard normal, t, chi-square, and F distributions. Inferential statistics; sampling distribution of the sample mean and sample proportion, central limit theorem, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for one and two means and one and two proportions. Basic applications: tests of independence, analysis of variance and linear regression. A statistical package must be used as tool. This course fulfills the third course in natural Science and Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning requirement in the core curriculum. Prerequisites: Math placement at level of MATH 111 or above; or MATH 100, 101, 105, 108, 109, 111 or 113 NOTE: Students who receive credit for STAT 220 may not receive credit for IDTH 201

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Summer 2015 Courses
Summer 2015 Courses
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Academic and Professional Positions
  • Professor, University of St. Thomas, St Paul / Mpls (1997 - present)
  • Professor of Business, University of Pittsburgh, SS Universe Explorer (2003 - 2003)
  • Visiting Professor of Marketing, Högskolan i Gävle, Gävle (1997 - 1997)
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls (1976 - 1979)
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, Minnesota State University - Mankato, Mankato (1971 - 1976)

Professional Memberships
  • American Statistical Association
  • Association of Business Simulation & Experiential Learning - ABSEL

Professional Service
  • Association of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, Reviewer
  • Simulation & Gaming, Editor

  • Lawton, L., & Anderson, P. H. (2012). Intercultural development: Study abroad vs. on-campus study. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, (XXI)(2), pp. 86-108
  • Lawton, L. (2009). An exercise for illustrating the logic of hypothesis testing. Journal of Statistics Education, (17)(2),
  • Lawton, L., & Anderson, P. H. (2009). Business simulations and cognitive learning: Developments, desires, and future directions. Simulation and Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research, (40)(2), pp. 193-216
  • Rexeisen, R. J., Anderson, P. H., Lawton, L., & Hubbard, A. (2008). Study abroad and intercultural development: A longitudinal study. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, (XVII), pp. 1-20
  • Anderson, P. H., Lawton, L., Rexeisen, R. J., & Hubbard, A. (2006). Short-term study abroad and intercultural sensitivity: A pilot study. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, (30)(4), pp. 457-469
  • Lawton, L. (2002). Is simulation performance related to application: An exploratory study. Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Exercises,
  • Lawton, L. (2002). Threshold marketer: A family of marketing simulations: Basic marketer, advanced marketer, team mode and solo mode. Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Exercises,
  • Lawton, L., Kennedy, E. J., & Plumlee, E. L. (2002). Blissful ignorance: The problem of unrecognized incompetence and academic performance. Journal of Marketing Education, (24)(3), pp. 243-252
  • Lawton, L., Elm, D., & Kennedy, E. J. (2001). Determinants of moral reasoning in business: Gender, sex-role orientation, and academic factors. Business and Society, (40)(3), pp. 241-265
  • Lawton, L., Kennedy, E. J., & Walker, E. (2001). The case for using live cases: Shifting the paradigm in marketing education. Journal of Marketing Education, (23)(2), pp. 145-151

Books and Chapters
  • Lawton, L., Anderson, P. H., Beveridge, D. A., & Scott, T. W. (2004). Merlin: A marketing simulation. McGraw-Hill, Irwin, Inc

Research Interests
  • Business Education
  • Marketing
  • Statistics and Survey Research