Ameeta Jaiswal

Associate Professor, Finance

(651) 962-4267

Minneapolis Campus
1000 LaSalle Ave
Terrence Murphy Hall 443C
Minneapolis, MN 55403

B.A., Economics, Political Science & Public Administration,, St. Francis College
D.E.A., , Universit¿ de Rennes - Dipl"me des Etudes Approfondies
M.A., Economics, Osmania University
Other, Ma¿trise en Econom¿trie, Universit¿ de Rennes
Ph.D., Science Economie, Universit¿ de Rennes - Gestion des Enterprises

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Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale loves teaching finance, particularly global treasury risk management. As one student observed In class you spend time working problems instead of boring lectures, you get to really learn the material. She always has real world experiences to share which is a bonus! Since joining the University of St. Thomas in 1990, Ameeta has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the derivative markets, currency and treasury risk management, corporate finance and governance. Her research interests also are in these areas. She is currently researching commodity price volatility. Her publications are a combination of empirical research and pedagogical discussions in the European Financial Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Journal of Applied Finance and Economia & Management. She holds visiting professor positions at EDHEC, Nice, France, and the Université de Caen, France. She offers seminars at the Universities of Siena, Bergamo and Viterbo in Italy; Birla Institute of Technology (BITs) in Hyderabad, India; Novosibirsk University, Russia, and Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic. In addition, she has served as Assistant Dean of the Graduate Business School during its transition to the College of Business. Her outreach to the regional business community includes the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) and the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Chapter (FACC MN), where she served as president promoting cooperation between France and USA with business development in the life sciences and student internships. Involved with local nonprofits as board member or treasurer, she has won many awards, including the FMA/CIBER Award for the best international case study and the Global Citizenship Award to International Education Founders. Ameeta received her doctorate from the Université de Rennes, France, her master's degree from Osmania University, India, and her undergraduate degree from St. Francis College, India. Ameeta is active in professional organizations such as the Financial Management Association (FMA) and the International Business Economics Association (IBEC), serving in many capacities.

Summer 2017 Courses
Summer 2017 Courses
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Fall 2017 Courses
Fall 2017 Courses
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FINC 321 - 10 Financial Management - T - R - - - 1525 - 1700 MCH 230
Description of course Financial Management : CRN: 42889 4 Credit Hours
An examination of the elements of the finance function of the organization as well as the financial analysis of decisions. Topics include working capital management, acquisition of capital, capital budgeting, cost of capital, theories of valuation, and present value. Prerequisites: ACCT 210, STAT 220 (or MATH 313 or STAT 314 for actuarial majors), ECON 251, 252, and Sophomore standing
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FINC 714 - 221 Commodity Markets M - - - - - - 1800 - 2100 TMH 401
Description of course Commodity Markets : CRN: 42907 1.5 Credit Hours
This is an elective course on Commodities- Energy, Agriculture and Foreign Exchange- delivered in an environment where business professional and professor co-deliver, linking theory to practice. Regional professionals from the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) provide the practical expertise to understand the role of commodities on world markets and their importance for the Midwest. This course addresses the increasing importance of non-financial commodities as an asset class within the derivative market. The class sessions will delve into the structure of the various commodities; the position of the Midwest within the global market; the impact on the global commodity markets through regulations, trade policies, weather patterns and consumer behavior; the trading strategies for hedge, arbitrage and speculation; preparation to work in commodities. The preparation includes applications such as uncertainty in commodity prices, stock prices, exchange rates and interest rates. -- Prerequisites: OPMT 600, ACCT 601, GBEC 600 or GBEC 625, and FINC 600.
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J-Term 2018 Courses
J-Term 2018 Courses
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Academic and Professional Positions
  • Affiliate Faculty, EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole, Lille and Nice (2011 - present)
  • Visiting Professor at the School of Business, Université de Caen, Centre Franco-américain France, Nice (1991 - present)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Siena, (2006 - present)
  • Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul / Minneapolis (1999 - present)
  • Visiting Professor, EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole, Lille and Nice (2006 - 2012)
  • Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Business, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis (1999 - 2001)
  • Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul / Minneapolis (1990 - 1999)
  • Assistant Professor, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul (1988 - 1990)
  • Assistant Professor, Eastern Illinois University, (1984 - 1988)
  • Instructor, Universite de Rennes, Department of Science & Technology, (1982 - 1983)

Professional Memberships
  • AF - Alliance Francaise, Minnesota
  • AFFI- Association Française de Finance Internationale, Paris, France.
  • Chinmaya Mission - Indian Languages & Culture - MN Chapter
  • EFMA - European Financial Management Association, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • FACC - French American Chamber of Commerce
  • FMA - Financial Management Association
  • IAA - India Association of Minnesota
  • IBEC - International Business and Economics
  • LSA - Life Sciences Alley and BioScience Alliance
  • MAA - Medical Alley Association
  • Twin Cities Annual Polo Classic

Professional Service
  • FACC - French American Chamber of Commerce,
  • FMA-Financial Management Association, Reviewer
  • IBEC - International Business and Economy Conference,
  • JBE -Journal of Business Ethics, Reviewer
  • JETM - Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Reviewer
  • JFMI - Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions, Reviewer
  • MGEX - Minneapolis Grain Exchange,
  • McGraw Hill, Reviewer

Public Service
  • FACC - French American Chamber of Commerce - MN Chapter, Board Member
  • TiE - Association of Indus Entrepreneurs, Other
  • Twin Cities Polo Club - Annual Polo Classic Charity, Board Member

  • Bodnar, G., Consolandi, C., Gabbi, G., & Jaiswal, A. (2013). Risk management for Italian non-financial firms: Currency and interest rate exposure. European Financial Management Journal, (19)(5), pp. 887-910
  • Bodnar, G. M., Consolandi, C., Gabbi, G., & Jaiswal, A. (2012). Risk management for Italian non-financial firms: Currency and interest rate exposure. (5), pp. 1-23
  • Jaiswal, A., & Fang, J. (2012). Demonstrating retrieval of financial information in XBRL. Journal of Instructional Techniques in Finance, (4)(1), pp. 12-21
  • Jaiswal, A., Brod, S., Glaun, M., & Salchow, S. (2011). Total risk evaluation for capital budgeting- roundtable discussion. Journal of Applied Finance, (21)(1),
  • Jaiswal, A. (2010). Facilitating student understanding of the sub-prime mortgage crisis: Systematic risk, CDO, and contagion. Journal of International Business Education, (5), pp. 117-144
  • Jaiswal, A., & Lundsten, L. L. (2010). Assessment of classroom learning of the alphabet soup: CDO, CDS, MBS, IFRS, SPE and Basel II. (11), pp. 126-135
  • Consolandi, C., Jaiswal, A., Poggiani, E., & Vercelli, A. (2009). Global standards and ethical stock indexes: The case of the Dow Jones sustainability Stoxx Index. Journal of Business Ethics, (86)(1),
  • Jaiswal, A., & Jithendranathan, T. (2009). Transmission of shocks from cross-listed markets to the return and volatility of domestic stocks. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, (19)(5), pp. 395-408
  • Jaiswal, A. (2003). Derivative contracts: Their uses and abuses. Lessons from long term capital management, CIBER case collection. European Case Clearing House,
  • Jaiswal, A. (2001). Enron in India: A case in international finance, CIBER case collection. European Case Clearing House,
  • Jaiswal, A., & Power, S. (2000). Globalization and .com: The impact on the worker. A comparative study of the American and French economies. Global Economy Quarterly, (1)(4),

Books and Chapters
  • Jaiswal, A. (2001). International Financial Management. Enron in India, 2nd ed (pp. 385-390). Irwin/McGraw Hill

Research Interests
  • Corporate Finance

  • Derivatives
  • Economic Markets - International
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Commodity Markets

Awards and Honors
  • Best Paper Award, IBE - International Business and Economy Conference, 2009
  • CIBER Award - Best International Case Study for Enron in India: A Case in International Finance, FMA- Financial Management Association, 1999
  • Global Citizenship Award to International Education Founders, UST - International Education Center, 2008

  • "Funding and social networks: The case of the Minnesota network MAA- Medical Alley Association" International Business and Economy Conference (IBEC), Chile, January 01, 2017
  • "Access to financing for start-ups in a social network cluster: The case of the Minnesota medical devise cluster, LSA- life science alley" The Impact of Information Technology and Analytics on Industries (I&E) Industry Studies Association Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 01, 2016
  • "Financialization, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development" Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium on Advances in Business Management Towards Systemic Approach, Perugia, Italy, January 01, 2015
  • "How do start-ups in a social network cluster obtain access to financing: The case of a medical devise cluster, the Life Sciences Alley" IBEC - International Business and Economy Conference, Tianjin, China, January 01, 2014
  • "Retrieving financial information in XBRL on the next generation Edgar" AAA - American Accounting Association, Parsippany, New Jersey, April 01, 2013
  • "Gender differences in investment strategies: Evidence from mutual fund management" IBEC - International Business and Economy Conference, Caen, France, January 01, 2013
  • "Hedging techniques for working capital management" EDHEC, France, November 01, 2012
  • "Black and Scholes impact on option pricing" Statistical Models in Business and Finance Symposium, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 01, 2012
  • "Retrieving financial information in XBRL" IBEC - International Business and Economy Conference, Hawaii, January 01, 2012
  • "Treasury and currency management" University of Bergamo, Italy, June 01, 2011
  • "Structured trade finance: Doing business in frontier emerging markets" International Business Law Institute, Minnesota State Bar Association, Minneapolis, MN, April 01, 2011
  • "Europe and the United States: Towards the future" Alliance Francaise, Minneapolis, MN, March 01, 2011
  • "Demonstrating the implementation of AACSB's AOL process in a derivative finance course" IBEC - International Business and Economy, Guadalajara, Mexico, January 01, 2011
  • "Financial reporting for transparency in capital sourcing: A tale of two standards from the 18th and 21st Centuries" IBEC - International Business and Economic Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, January 01, 2010
  • "Total risk evaluation for capital budgeting in the oil and gas industry" (AIB) Academy of International Business, Jacksonville, Florida, October 01, 2009
  • "Re-shuffling of capitalism and harmonization of accounting practices: Transition to 21st century globalization in the context of earlier globalizations" Global Studies Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 01, 2009
  • "A survey on risk management and usage of derivatives by non-financial Italian firms" UST Brown Bag Seminar, Minneapolis, MN, April 01, 2009
  • "U.S. financial institutions: Reputational risk and senior management sell decisions" European Financial Management Symposium on Risk Management in Financial Institutions, Nantes, France, April 01, 2009
  • "U.S. financial institutions: Reputational risk and senior management sell decisions" International Business and Economy Conference, Udaipur, India, January 01, 2009
  • "Reputation risk and insider stock trading: A study of U.S. banks" OCB Summer Research Presentation, February 01, 2008
  • "Global standards and ethical stock indexes: An empirical inquiry" International Center for Corporate Accountability, Inc., Baruch College, City University, New York, New York, June 01, 2007
  • "Ethical Stock Indexes: Does Sustainability pay off ?" International Conference on Corporate Responsibility, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, October 01, 2006
  • "Ownership concentration and corporate social performance: an empirical evidence for European Firms" University of Leedss Corporate Responsibility Research Conference at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, September 01, 2006
  • "International financial markets" La Tuscia University Business School, Viterbo, Italy, April 01, 2006
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  • "Derivative Contracts: Lessons from Long Term Capital Management" Emerging Financial Services in Asia-Pacific Conference, Sydney, Australia, April 01, 2003
  • "USIA Grant to teach and mentor colleagues in international finance and risk management. (May-June 2002)" Novosibirsk State University, Siberia, Russia, January 01, 2002
  • "International Corporate Finance and Risk Management, Executive MBA program. (June 2002)" Institute of Business Studies, Academy of the National Economy, Moscow, Russia, January 01, 2002
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