Dobrina Georgieva

Associate Professor, Finance

(651) 962-5844

2115 Summit Ave
McNeely Hall 355
St. Paul, MN 55105

Ph.D., Finance, University of Arkansas
M.B.A., , University of Montana
M.S.E., Master of Engineering (Process Control), University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

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Dobrina Georgieva received her Ph.D. in finance from the University of Arkansas. Her work has been presented at national and international finance conferences, including Financial Management Association, Eastern Finance Association, Midwest Finance Association and Southern Finance Association, as well as several finance research seminars around the country.

Georgieva's research and teaching interests include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, international finance and development, regulation of capital markets and the impact of law and culture on global contracts. Her work has been published in leading finance journals such as Journal of International Financial Markets and Institutions and Money and Journal of Multinational Financial Management. Her corporate experience is in the field of health care management.

Georgieva holds a master's degree in engineering from the University of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she won the best engineering student award. In addition, she holds an M.B.A. degree from the University of Montana, where she won the outstanding female foreign student award.

Georgieva is fluent in Bulgarian and English, with a working knowledge of Russian and Czech.

Spring 2015 Courses
Spring 2015 Courses
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FINC 321 - 05 Financial Management - T - R - - - 0800 - 0940 MCH 116
Description of course Financial Management : CRN: 21971
An examination of the elements of the finance function of the organization as well as the financial analysis of decisions. Topics include working capital management, acquisition of capital, capital budgeting, cost of capital, theories of valuation, and present value. Prerequisites: ACCT 210, ACCT 215, STAT 220 (MATH 313 or STAT 314 for actuarial majors), ECON 251, 252, and junior standing.

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Location Time Day(s)
FINC 325 - 02 Investments - T - R - - - 0955 - 1135 MCH 111
Description of course Investments : CRN: 21978
The focus of this course is to provide an overview of investment concepts and an exposure to a broad range of investment alternatives. The principle concern of the course is to develop skills necessary to make prudent investment decisions. Prerequisites: FINC 321, and MATH 109 or 111 or 113, and CISC 200 (applies to students under the 2012-14 catalog or later and may be taken concurrently).

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Summer 2015 Courses
Summer 2015 Courses
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Fall 2015 Courses
Fall 2015 Courses
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Academic and Professional Positions
  • Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas - Opus College of Business, Saint Paul / Minneapolis (2014 - present)
  • Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas - Opus College of Business, St. Paul / Minneapolis (2008 - 2014)
  • Instructor, University of Arkansas - Sam Walton College of Business, Fayetteville (2004 - 2007)
  • Business Analyst, SAS, APS Healthcare, Missoula (2002 - 2003)

Professional Memberships
  • Financial Management Association
  • Midwest Finance Association
  • Southern Finance Association
  • Eastern Finance Association

Professional Service
  • Journal of Financial Services Management, Reviewer
  • Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Reviewer
  • The Financial Review, Reviewer

  • Baxamusa, M., & Georgieva, D. (2013). Two step acquisitions and liquidity spread. Journal of Economics and Finance,
  • Georgieva, D., & Wilson, L. (2013). TARP's dividend skippers. International Journal of Financial Services Management, (6)(4), pp. 293-308
  • Georgieva, D., & Jandik, T. (2012). Alternative paths of convergence toward U.S. market and legal regulations: Cross Listings vs. merging with U.S. bidders. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, (22)(5), pp. 230-251
  • Georgieva, D., Jandik, T., & Lee, W. (2012). The impact of laws, regulations, and culture on cross-border joint ventures. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, (22), pp. 774-795
  • Daugherty, M. S., & Georgieva, D. (2011). Foreign cultures, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and cross-delisting. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, (21), pp. 208-223
  • Georgieva, D. (2009). Does Sarbanes-Oxley Act chase away foreign firms? Evidence from ADR terminations. Journal of International Business Research, (8)(2), pp. 115-128
  • Georgieva, D., Fleming, M., Joo¬Lee, Y., & Shooshtari, N. (2003). Korean management system after the Asian crisis: Restructuring of the Korean Chaebol. Journal of Current Research in Global Business, (5)(7),

Books and Chapters

Research Interests
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economic Markets - International
  • International Business

Awards and Honors
  • American Financial Association Student Travel Award, 2007