Jay Ebben

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship


(651) 962-4118

Minneapolis Campus
1000 LaSalle Ave
Schulze Hall 335
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Ph.D., Strategy/Entrepreneurship, University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.B.A., Entrepreneurship/Marketing, University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Marquette University

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Jay Ebben is an associate professor of entrepreneurship, has taught at the University of St. Thomas since 2002, and has been part of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship since its inception in 2005. He has taught courses on entrepreneurial finance, business development and small business management, and advises the Practicing Entrepreneurs group on campus. Ebben won the inaugural Julie Hays Teaching Award in the Opus College of Business in 2010 and received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2011. He is a former small business owner who has worked with entrepreneurs at many stages of business development, advising them on market assessment, business modeling, financing and entry and growth strategies.

Ebben earned his B.S. in industrial engineering from Marquette University and his M.B.A. and Ph.D. in entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

J-Term 2015 Courses
J-Term 2015 Courses
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Spring 2015 Courses
Spring 2015 Courses
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ENTR 200 - 02 Foundations of Entrepreneur - T - R - - - 1330 - 1510 SCH 335
Description of course Foundations of Entrepreneur : CRN: 21951
Students will learn the concepts of opportunity scanning and opportunity recognition. Students will conduct a self-assessment to help them better understand their personal values and aspirations to help guide their entrepreneurial career. Students will be exposed to the variety of types of entrepreneurial ventures. Prerequisite: sophomore standing, not open to seniors

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Location Time Day(s)
ENTR 370 - 01 Entr/Financial Resource Mgt - T - R - - - 0955 - 1135 SCH 420
Description of course Entr/Financial Resource Mgt : CRN: 21956
Students will learn a broad array of tools to more efficiently manage scarce resources in a new venture. Bootstrapping techniques in marketing, administration, fixed assets, and many other areas will be examined. Students will learn applied approaches to current asset and liability management. Students planning to start their own business within the first year or two of graduation will benefit most from this course. Students are expected to have a proficiency in computer spreadsheet programming. Prerequisites: ENTR 200, ACCT 210 and junior standing

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Location Time Day(s)
ENTR 650 - 201 New Venture Strategies - T - - - - - 1800 - 2100 SCH 335
Description of course New Venture Strategies : CRN: 21962
Introduces fundamentals of the entrepreneurial processes used in launching businesses from the ground up, purchasing or acquiring ventures, leading within family enterprises, or growing franchise businesses. Recognizing and creating opportunities is emphasized. Major assignments involve studying practicing entrepreneurs and their ventures, distinguishing between ideas and opportunities, and developing feasibility assessments. -- Prerequisite: Standard core courses

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Summer 2015 Courses
Summer 2015 Courses
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Academic and Professional Positions
  • Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul / Minneapolis (2008 - present)
  • Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul / Minneapolis (2002 - 2008)
  • Instructor, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison (1998 - 2002)
  • Quality Engineer, Johnson Controls, Milwaukee (1996 - 1997)
  • Industrial Engineer, Videojet Systems International, Wood Dale (1994 - 1995)

Professional Memberships
  • USASBE - U.S. Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • NACRA - North American Case Research Association

Professional Service
  • Journal of Business Venturing, Reviewer
  • Economic and Business Review,
  • House of Talents,

  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (forthcoming). Simply sport bikes case study. The CASE Journal,
  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (forthcoming). Borealis software case study. Journal of Management Policy and Practice,
  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (2011). SP equity case study. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, (12)(3), pp. 91-107
  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (2011). Cash conversion cycle management in small firms relationships with liquidity, invested capital, and firm performance. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, (24)(3), pp. 381-396
  • Ebben, J. J. (2009). Bootstrapping and the financial condition of small firms. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, (15), pp. 346-363
  • Ebben, J. J. (2007). Decisions that impact small firm growth. Business Journal for Entrepreneurs Quarterly, (2007)(4), pp. 62-76
  • Ebben, J. J. (2007). Product offering, operational strategy, and performance of small firms. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, (20), pp. 244-255
  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (2006). Bootstrapping in small firms: An empirical analysis of change over time. Journal of Business Venturing: Int'l. Entrepreneurship, New Bus. Devel. and Tech, (21), pp. 851-865
  • Johnson, A. C., Ebben, J. J., & Pricer, R. (2006). Organization strategy for successful firm performance. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, (6)(5), pp. 73-83
  • Ebben, J. J., & Johnson, A. C. (2005). Efficiency, flexibility, or both? Evidence linking strategy to performance in small firms. Strategic Management Journal, (26)(1249-1259),
  • Johnson, A. C., & Ebben, J. J. (2004). Fluent Systems, LLC case A: Concept to market by leveraging university resources. Case Research Journal,

Books and Chapters

Research Interests
  • Entrepreneurship Strategy

Awards and Honors
  • USASBE, Special Recognition in Entrepreneurship Education Innovation Award, 2013
  • USASBE Best Teaching Case Award,, 2012
  • Fulbright Scholar Award, Slovenia, 2011
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 2009
  • Julie Hays Teaching Award, 2010