John Del Vecchio

Adjunct Faculty, Ethics and Business Law

B.A., Philosophy, University of St. Thomas
J.D., , William Mitchell College of Law

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John Del Vecchio is an adjunct faculty member of the Ethics and Business Law Department. He has operated a solo, general practice law firm since 1988. Practice areas include wills; probate; real estate, buying and selling of both residential and commercial; negotiating; drafting and interpreting contracts; collections, creditor and debtor; business formation and finance; employment; subrogation; family law; consumer law; entertainment law, trademark/copyright, contracts; misdemeanor defense; government benefits; landlord/tenant; alternative dispute resolution; personal injury; FCC radio station license compliance; legal services related to non-profit organizations; and unemployment insurance.

Del Vecchio's law practice involves participation with the legal services to the indigent programs, taking pro-bono cases on a regular basis. Del Vecchio sends his students to observe volunteer lawyers and clients meet on actual cases through the field education component of his BLAW classes. Some students come back from these meetings stating, "It's not like this on TV."

Summer 2015 Courses
Summer 2015 Courses
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BLAW 600 - 202 Legal Environment of Business - - - R - - - 1730 - 2145 SCH 316
Description of course Legal Environment of Business : CRN: 30289
This course is intended to familiarize you with the wide variety of legal forces that shape and affect the conduct of business transactions in the United States. This course is not intended to train you as lawyers or to import any particular expertise in the application of the law, rather it is designed to give you an understanding of the basic legal vocabulary and various legal concepts that will be encountered on a daily basis as a business manager. With this background, you should understand and anticipate legal issues and know when legal counsel should be sought. Topics include contracts, warranties and product liability; agency and employment relationships; business organizations; real estate transactions; and debtor/creditor relationships. -- Prerequisite: None.
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Fall 2015 Courses
Fall 2015 Courses
Crs - Sec Title Days Time Location
BLAW 301 - 05 Legal Environment/Business - T - R - - - 0955 - 1135 MCH 238
Description of course Legal Environment/Business : CRN: 42899
An examination of the business law rules and principles of particular relevance to entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing. Subjects include contracts, negligence, products liability and warranty, sales of goods, intellectual property, employment law, as well as general notions of legal reasoning and legal process and alternative dispute resolution. Prerequisite: Junior standing
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BLAW 302 - 03 Business Law for Accounting - T - R - - - 1525 - 1700 MCH 117
Description of course Business Law for Accounting : CRN: 43374
An examination of the business rules and principles of particular relevance to the accounting profession. Subjects include the law of contracts, the Uniform Commercial Code, the law of debtor-creditor relations, the legal structure governing the formation and operation of business organizations (agency, partnership, and corporations), securities regulations, as well as general notions of legal reasoning and legal process. Prerequisites: Junior standing and ACCT 210
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BLAW 354 - 01 Marketing Law - T - R - - - 1330 - 1510 MCH 110
Description of course Marketing Law : CRN: 42907
This course explores the legal principles and government regulation relating to marketing, advertising, and intellectual property. Topics include intellectual property protection such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights; the law of advertising and promotion; and possibly other timely topics relevant to marketing law. Prerequisite: BLAW 301, 302, or 303
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J-Term 2016 Courses
J-Term 2016 Courses
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Academic and Professional Positions
  • Adjunct Faculty, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul / Minneapolis (2000 - present)
  • Publisher, Armita Records and Music, St. Paul (1992 - present)
  • Attorney, John Del Vecchio, PA, St. Paul (1989 - present)
  • Owner, Fryer Johns, St. Paul (1997 - 2000)
  • Law Clerk, Lawrence P. Marofsky, Attorney at Law, Brooklyn Center (1986 - 1987)

Professional Memberships
  • Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Ramsey County Bar Association

Public Service
  • Neighborhood Development Alliance, Committee Member

  • Del Vecchio, J. A. (2014). The digital scarlet letter: Responding to mug shot publishers - public interest or extortion?. MN State Bar Association Bench and Bar,

Books and Chapters

Research Interests
  • Ethics and Business Law

  • "The digital scarlet letter: Responding to mug shot publications" Faculty at Continuing Legal Education class - Washington County Law Library., September 01, 2014
  • "Sharing the experience: Assisting the self-represented" Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Education, Saint Paul, MN, January 01, 2011
  • "Findings on field education as a component to a business law class" Midwest Business Administration Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, January 01, 2007
  • "Seminar Presenter- secondary schools. Researched, developed and presented legal seminars on Copyright, trademark, sexual harassment, American legal system, defamation, family law, criminal law, consumer and employment law." Community Education, St. Paul, Minnesota, January 01, 1992