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Peter B. Southard

Associate Professor : Operations and Supply Chain Management Department

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Peter Southard grew up on a farm in central Iowa, received his bachelor of science degree from Iowa State University and his M.B.A. from Drake University in Des Moines. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where his major area was operations and supply chain management with a strong minor in management information systems.

Southard has taught courses in supply chain management, operations management, lean/JIT production, six sigma quality, operations planning and control systems, management information systems, business strategy and statistics for more than 12 years on both the graduate and undergraduate level. His teaching philosophy is based on the fact that he considers himself a student as well as a teacher. As he tells students, “one never learns a subject more thoroughly than when one tries to teach it to someone else.” Working in an academic community that stresses a balance of teaching and research, and where a primary purpose of conducting applied research is to enrich the teaching environment, has always been his professional priority since choosing this career path.

He has published scholarly articles in journals such as Communications of the ACM, The International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Quality Management in Health Care, International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance, The International Journal of Production Economics, Benchmarking: An International Journal, Management Decision and The International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, as well as two book chapters and several conference proceedings, including the annual national meetings of Academy of Management, Decision Sciences Institute and HICSS. His research interests include the effects of technology innovation on supply chains and the use of lean and quality tools in services with a special focus on health care. His industry experience includes eight years in financial services as a senior vice president and branch manager of a private bank and six years with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the department formerly known as the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). His consulting experience includes work with National Research Corporation of Lincoln, NE.


Academic Background

B.S., Iowa State University
M.B.A., Drake University
Ph.D., University of Nebraska

Major Works

  • Southard, Peter B., Chandra Charu and Sameer Kumar, "RFID in Healthcare: A Six Sigma DMAIC and Simulation Case Study," International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance 25:4 (2012).
  • Southard, Peter B., Sameer Kumar and Cheryl A. Southard, "A Modified Delphi Methodology to Conduct an FMEA," Quality Management in Health Care 20:2 (April/June, 2011): 131-151.
  • Southard, Peter B. and S. Swenseth, "Evaluating Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) in Non-Traditional Environments Using Simulation," International Journal of Production Economics 116 (2008): 275-287.
  • "Reverse Auctions and Supplier Consortia." In Best Practices for Online Procurement Auctions, edited by Diane Parente, 10-25. IGI Global, Inc., 2008.
  • Southard, Peter B. and D. Parente, "A Model of Internal Benchmarking: When and How?," Benchmarking: An International Journal 14:2 (2007): 161-171.
  • "The Cost of Securing the Supply Chain from Terrorism." In Battleground: Business, edited by M. Walden and P. Thoms, 547-554. Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 2007.
  • "Teaching Your Passion: Using Toy Trains and History Lessons," International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education 1:4 (2006): 395-406.
  • Southard, Peter B. and K. Siau, "A Survey of Online E-Banking Retail Initiatives," Communications of the ACM 47:10 (2004): 99-102.
  • Southard, Peter B. and Scott Swenseth, "Transitioninig Operations to Accommodate Growing Pains in Evolving Companies," Management Decision 6 (2004): 578-586. 
  • Southard, Peter B. and K. Siau, "Community Banking in the E-Business Era," Journal of International Technology and Information Management 11:1 (2002): 135-149.
  • Swenseth, S. R., J. R. Olson and P. B. Southard, "Extending Product Profiling Through Simulation," International Journal of Operations and Production Management 22:9 (2002): 956-971.

Current Community Relationships

  • President-elect of MWDSI
  • Executive Vice President of Twin City Model Railroad Museum
  • Member (Regional), Annual Meeting of the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute, Conference Planning Committee, 2008
  •  Global Business Innovation and Development (GBID),International Scientific Committee (ISC) of 2008 (International),2008
  • Midwest Region of the Decision Sciences Institute, Vice President for Member Services (Regional). 2007.