Faculty & Research

John Mirocha

Adjunct Faculty : Management Department

John Mirocha is an adjunct faculty member of the Management Department. He is the president and CEO of John Mirocha & Associates, Inc. He is the author of Perspective: Learning to See the Business World Through the Eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist (2011) and the creator of CAS, a web-based change leadership survey and suite of change leadership tools available in English, German and Hungarian (2008).

His research interests include leadership development in small to medium sized firms, qualitative/ethnographic research and change management practices in a global context. Mirocha received his Ph.D. in anthropology and education from the University of Minnesota.


Academic Background

B.A., sociology, University of Minnesota
B.S., education, University of Minnesota
M.A., education, University of Minnesota 
Ph.D., anthropology and education, University of Minnesota

Research Specialties

  • Qualitative/ethnographic research
  • Leadership and organization assessment and development tools

Current Research

  • Successful change leadership practices
  • Leadership development strategies in small- to medium-sized companies
  • Executive coaching 

Professional Experience

  • President and CEO, John Mirocha & Associates, Inc.
  •  Manager, worldwide learning and development, Cargill Incorporated

Major Works

  • Perspective: Learning to See the World Through the Eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist, CreateSpace (2011).
  • CAS, a web-based change model, assessment questionnaire and suite of support tools in English, German and Hungarian.
  • Stories: more than 70 web-based short stories illustrating issues around life, work, society and leadership.