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Avinash Malshe

Associate Professor : Marketing Department

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Avinash Malshe received his Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and he has been at St. Thomas for more than seven years.

Malshe's primary research interest is marketing strategy, especially the interface between sales and marketing functions and its impact on strategy creation and implementation. He also studies marketing strategy processes and issues related to business ethics. His work is published in marketing and business journals such as Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Business to Business Marketing, International Business Review and International Small Business Journal. He has also co-authored a book chapter in a marketing thought piece titled “The Service Dominant Logic of Marketing” that discusses cutting edge research areas in marketing. His chapter discusses the notion of consumer resources and how marketers need to think about consumers as a resource in their marketing practices.

Malshe is the inaugural recipient of the Susan E. Heckler Research Excellence Award within the Opus College of Business.

At St. Thomas, Malshe primarily teaches graduate courses in marketing management, brand management and health care marketing in the Full-Time, Evening and Health Care UST MBA programs. He has also taught the capstone undergraduate course in marketing management at St. Thomas.

Prior to starting his academic career, Malshe worked for more than five years as a brand manager in the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer Inc. and Ranbaxy Ltd. in their South Asia operations.

Malshe has trained and consulted with business executives in both the for- profit and nonprofit sectors on a variety of marketing issues. He is an active media interviewee and has written numerous Outside Consultant columns in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, in which he advises small businesses on the unique marketing challenges they face.


Academic Background

B.Pharm., University of Bombay, India
M.B.A., University of Bombay, India
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Research Specialties

  • Sales-marketing interface
  • Managerial perspectives on marketing strategy
  • Business to business marketing

Current Research

  • Impact of sales-marketing interface dynamics on firm's strategic processes and marketplace outcomes

Major Works

Sales-marketing Interface
Sales Management
  • Pryor, Susie, Avinash Malshe, and Kyle Paradise, "Salesperson Listening in the Extended Sales Relationship: An Exploration of Cognitive, Affective, and Temporal Dimensions," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, forthcoming.
Business Ethics
Business Pedagogy
Small Business Strategy
  • Miller, N. J., T. L. Besser and A. Malshe, "Strategic Networking among Small Businesses in Small U.S. Business Communities," International Small Business Journal 25:6 (2007): 631-64
Book Chapter
  • Arnould, E.J., L.L. Price and A. Malshe, "Toward a Cultural Resource-Based Theory of the Customer." In Toward a Service-Dominated Logic of Marketing, edited by R. Lusch and S. Vargo, 91-107. M. E. Sharpe, 2006.

Select Conference Proceedings

(Past five years)

  • "The Roles of Marketing and Sales in New Product Development," Biemans, Wim and Avinash Malshe, AMA Summer Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Chicago, Illinois.
  • "A Nuanced View of the Marketing-Sales 'Activity' Interface: A Case of Small B2B Firms," Malshe, Avinash and Wim Biemans, AMA Summer Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Emotional and physical strain and identity cycles in voluntary turnover. Rothausen, Teresa J., Avinash Malshe and James K. Arnold, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP; Division 14 of the American Psychological Association), San Diego, April, 2012. Selected for Featured Top Rated Posters session at the All-Conference Reception.
  • "The Role of the Marketing-Sales Interface in Product Development," Biemans, Wim G. and Avinash Malshe presentation at PDMA Annual Research Forum, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • "A Motley Pattern of Sales-Marketing Integration," Malshe, Avinash, Ravipreet Sohi and Michael Krush. Paper presented at the AMS World Marketing Congress in Reims, France, forthcoming 2011.
  • "Building Internal Competitive Advantage: The Marketing-Sales Interface at the Interface," Hughes, Douglas E., Joel LeBon, Avinash Malshe and Jan Fedderson. Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference in Coral Gables, Florida, 2011.
  • "The Marketing-Sales Interface: A Call for Qualitative Research," Biemans, Wim, Avinash Malshe and Maja Makovec Brenčič, European Marketing Academy Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011.
  • "Taking Marketing-Sales Interface Research in A New Direction- A Research Agenda," Biemans, Wim G., Avinash Malshe and Maja Makovec Brenčič. 39th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, (2010).
  • Rothausen-Vange, Teresa, Avinash Malshe and Jim Arnold, "The Work and Life Iterative Assessment Model: A Content and Process Model of Turnover," Academy of Management Conference proceedings in Vancouver, Canada, 2010.
  • "Investigating the Marketing-Sales Interface: Promising Areas for Future Research," Biemans, Wim, Avinash Malshe and Maja Makovec Brenčič. AMA Summer Educators’ Conference proceedings, Boston, Massachusetts, 2010.
  • "The Elusive Search of Perfect Sales-Marketing Interface," Biemans, Wim, Avinash Malshe and Maja Makovec Brenčič. European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference proceedings, May 2009.
  • "A Nuanced Perspective on Sales-Marketing Integration," Malshe, Avinash and R. S. Sohi. European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference proceedings, May 2009.
    "Marketing Strategy Implementation Failure: An Exploratory Investigation through the Sales-marketing Interface Lens," Malshe, Avinash and R. S. Sohi. AMA Winter Educators’ Conference proceedings, February 2009.
  • "Fostering Cooperation between Sales and Marketing," Malshe, Avinash and R. S. Sohi. 3rd IIMA Conference on Marketing Paradigms for Emerging Economies proceedings, Ahmedabad, India, 2009.
  • "Managing the Changing Marketing-Sales Interface," Biemans, W., M. M. Brenčič and A. Malshe. ISBM Bi-Annual Academic Conference proceedings, San Diego, California, 2008.
  • "Sales-Marketing Interface: Unraveling the Nuances of Integration Mechanisms," Malshe, Avinash and R. S. Sohi. Conference on Enhancing Sales Force Productivity, Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany, 2008.
  • "Rocky Sales-Marketing Interface: An Exploratory Examination of Symptoms, Causes, Effects, and Remedies," Malshe, Avinash and R. S. Sohi. American Marketing Association’s Winter Educators’ Conference proceedings, Austin, Texas, 2008.

Significant Scholarly Honors

  • First recipient of the Susan E. Heckler Research Excellence Award, Opus College of Business, 2012
    Presidential Graduate Fellow, University of Nebraska, 2004-2005
  • Doctoral Consortium Fellow, AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium, College Station, Texas, June 2004
    Recipient of Gerald Phillippe Fellowship, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003-2004