Faculty & Research

Debasish N. Mallick

Associate Professor : Operations and Supply Chain Management Department

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Debasish N. Mallick teaches technology and operations management. Before joining the University of St. Thomas in 2006, he worked in industry and taught at the University of Arkansas, University of Texas, Virginia Commonwealth University, Boston College and the University of Minnesota. He also directed the New Product Design & Business Development Program at the University of Minnesota.

Mallick’s research focuses on collaboration, innovation and learning in new product development and technology management. His work has appeared in the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Design Management Journal, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Product Innovation Management, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Encyclopedia of Production and Manufacturing Management, Intelligent Design and Manufacturing, and in proceedings of national conferences. 

Mallick has consulted with more than 20 companies and serves on the editorial boards of several academic journals. He is an active member of Production & Operations Management Society, Decision Sciences Institute, Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, Engineering Management Society, and Product Development & Management Association.

He is also the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the University of Arkansas Sam Walton College of Business, IBM Design Leadership Fellowship from the Corporate Design Foundation, McKnight Economic and Business Research Fellowship and Learning Excellence Initiative Grant at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, Instructional Innovation Award from the Decision Sciences Institute, and was nominated for the university-wide Distinguished Teaching Award at Boston College. 

He received his B. Tech. (Honors) from the Indian Institute of Technology, his M.B.A. from the University of Arkansas and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.


Academic Background

B. Tech, mechanical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
M.B.A., University of Arkansas
Ph.D., management, University of Texas at Austin

Research Specialties

  • New product development
  • Management of technology and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

Current Research

  • Internal and external collaboration in new product development
  • Innovation process in new product development
  • Learning and new product development 

Major Works

  • Mallick, D. N., L. P. Ritzman, and K. K. Sinha, "Evaluating Product-Centric Continuous Improvements: Impact on Competitive Capabilities and Business Performance," Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.
  •  Peng, X., G. R. Heim, and D. N. Mallick, "Collaborative Product Development: The Effect of Project Complexity on the use of Information Technology Tools and New Product Development Practices," Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.
  • Ahmad, S., D. N. Mallick, and R. G. Schroeder, "New Product Development (NPD): Impact of project characteristics and development practices on performance," Journal of Product Innovation Management 30:2 (2013): 331-348.
  • Heim, G. R., D. N. Mallick, and X. Peng, "Antecedents and Consequences of New Product Development Practices and Software Tools: An Exploratory Study," IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 59:3 (2012): 428-442.
  • Luo, Changyue, Debasish N. Mallick, and Roger G. Schroeder, "Collaborative Product Development (CPD): Exploring the Role of Internal Coordination Capability (ICC) in Supplier Involvement," European Journal of Innovation Management 13:2 (2010): 244-266.
  • Ahmad, Sohel, Roger G. Schroeder, and Debasish N. Mallick, "The Relationship Among Modularity, Functional Coordination, and Mass Customization: Implications for Competitiveness," European Journal of Innovation Management 13:1 (2010): 46-61.  
  • Mallick, D. N. and R.G. Schroeder, "An Integrated Framework for Measuring New Product Development Performance in High-Technology Industry," Production and Operations Management 14:2 (2005): 142-158.
  • "An Experiential Approach to Preparing Students for Leadership in Managing Technology," Decision Line 35: 4 (2004).
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  • Fitzsimmons, J. A., P. Kouvelis, and D. N. Mallick, "Design Strategy and Its Interface with Manufacturing and Marketing Strategy: A Conceptual Framework," Journal of Operations Management 10:3 (1991): 379-419.

Teaching Interests

  • Operations and supply chain management
  • Management of technology and innovation
  • New product development