Faculty & Research

Kathryn L. Combs

Professor of Business Economics : Finance Department

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Kathryn L. Combs teaches courses in managerial economics and economics of strategy in the UST MBA programs. She has also taught at California State University - Los Angeles, the University of Minnesota and the University of Southern California. Before this, she was a manager at Pacific Northwest Bell in Seattle, Washington. She earned her B.A. in economics at Washington State University, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in economics at the University of Minnesota. 

Combs has expertise in the economics of innovation, applied game theory, industrial organization and public finance. She has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, and received the 2000 Lang Rosen Gold Award for her article on limited liability companies and technology transfer in The Journal of Technology Transfer (April 1999). She is currently researching the economics of gambling, in particular state lotteries and state-regulated casino gambling. Her research focuses on the demand for such gambling products and how these gambling activities are used as a source of revenue for state governments.


Academic Background

B.A., economics, Washington State University
M.A., economics, University of Minnesota
Ph.D., economics, University of Minnesota

Research Specialties

  • Applied microeconomics
  • Applied game theory
  • The economics of research and development
  • Organizational Architecture
  • Public finance

Current Research

  • Demand for and distributional effects of state lotteries and gambling

Major Works

  • Combs, Kathryn L. and John A. Spry, "Who Plays the Numbers Games in the Middle of the Day?" Applied Economics 44:7 (2012): 889-897.
  • Combs, Kathryn, Jaebeom Kim and John A. Spry, "The Relative Regressivity of Seven Lottery Games," Applied Economics 40:1 (2008): 35-39.
  • "The Welfare Effects of Research and Production Joint Ventures," The Journal of Technology Transfer 30:1/2 (2005).
  • Combs, Kathryn and A. Link, "Innovation Policy in Search of an Economic Foundation: The Case of Research Partnerships in the United States," Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 15:2 (2003).
  • "Limited Liability Companies and Technology Transfer," The Journal of Technology Transfer 24:1 (1999): 25-35.
  • "The Role of Information Sharing in Cooperative Research and Development," International Journal of Industrial Organization 11 (1993): 535-551.
  • "Cost Sharing vs. Multiple Research Projects in Cooperative R&D," Economics Letters 39 (1992): 353-357.