Faculty & Research

Jeanne Buckeye

Associate Professor : Ethics and Business Law Department

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Jeanne Buckeye is an associate professor in the Department of Ethics and Business Law. Buckeye’s research interests lie in practices and philosophies addressing the integration of faith and work, the role of mission in Catholic universities and the principles of Catholic social thought as a basis for leadership formation. She has recently published a research case study and articles on business practices within North American companies who participate in the Economy of Communion. She earned her M.B.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota.

Buckeye is a Fellow in the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought and works with the Veritas Institute in advising Catholic hospitals engaged in implementing the Catholic Identity Matrix.


Academic Background

B.A., St. Cloud State University
M.B.A., University of Minnesota
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Specialties

  • Business ethics
  • Management, spirituality and faith
  • Managerial decision-making

Major Works

  • Buckeye, Jeanne G. and John B. Gallagher, "Charism and Institution: An Organizational Theory Case Study of the Economy of Communion." In The Charismatic Principle in Social Life, edited by Luigino Bruni, 64-74. Taylor & Francis Group of Routledge, Oxfordshire, England, 2012.
  • Buckeye, J. and J.  Gallagher,  "Charism and Institution: An Organizational Theory Case Study of the Economy of Communion," Sophia: Ricerche su I fondamenti e la correlazione dei saperi II:2 (2010).
  • Buckeye, J., J. Gallagher, and E. Garlow, "Mundell and Associates Inc.: Managing when faith really matters," The Case Research Journal, NACRA 31:2 (2011): 41-55.
  • Buckeye, J., K. Goodpaster, R. Kennedy, D. Maines, and M. Naughton, "Educating Highly Principled Leaders: Catholic Social Principles for Business Education," University of St. Thomas white paper (2008)
  • Buckeye, J. and M. Naughton, "The Importance of Leadership Formation," Health Progress 89:2 (2008): 38-42.