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Heino Beckmann

Associate Professor : Finance Department

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Heino Beckmann has been teaching in St. Thomas’ Finance Department for 28 years. Before joining St. Thomas, he taught for 16 years in a variety of subject areas, including business law, constitutional law, comparative politics, international relations and economics at a number of institutions, including the College of St. Teresa in Winona, Minnesota, and Widener University in Pennsylvania.

Beckmann studied law at the University of Berlin in Germany and won a Fulbright scholarship to study in the U.S., where he earned an M.A. in international relations and a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Pennsylvania. He returned to the Wharton School for post-doctoral studies in finance and then earned an M.B.A. from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

His research interests are in international finance, in particular in the relationship between international politics and the management of multinational businesses. Most recently, he has focused on the European currency crisis. His work is mostly applied rather than academic.

Beckmann believes that students are responsible for their learning and that he, at best, assists that learning by spelling out the learning objectives. He expects students to be prepared for classes. His teaching style is to engage students in “conversations” about the subject matter.

He has served on the Editorial board of ORBIS: A Journal of World Affairs, published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He is involved in various consulting projects for U.S. and foreign companies. He has taught in Canada, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Belgium, Taiwan and Uruguay.

In line with his work in the business community, he was the fourth recipient of the Distinguished Service Award presented by Financial Executives International. He was awarded the Order of Merit by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2007 for his work as German Consul.

In the first phase of Beckmann’s career, he served as a military officer in the German Armed Forces, where he held the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was the commanding officer of an artillery regiment, artillery battalions, deputy commanding officer of an armored brigade and completed a course at the German War College.


Academic Background

M.A., international relations, University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., University of Minnesota
Cand. jur., Freie Universitat (Berlin, Germany)
Ph.D., political science, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania (post doctoral studies)

Research Specialties

  • Capital budgeting
  • Corporate finance
  • Risk management in international finance
  • Value creation
  • International finance

Current Research

  • European post-Communist economic performance
  • International relations and political risk

Major Works

  • "Value Creation and a Single Market for Financial Services in Europe." In Europe – Towards the Next Enlargement, edited by Peter Coffey. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000.

Significant Scholarly Honors

  • Distinguished service award, Financial Executives Institute, 1992
  • Professional development grants funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, 1984-1986 and 1979
  • Professional development grants funded by the Bush Foundation, 1982 and 1981
  • National Science Foundation Grants, 1971
  • H.B. Earhart Fellowship, 1969-1970
  • Research Fellowship, Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1966-1970
  • Exchange Scholarship Freie Universitat Berlin- University of Pennsylvania, 1965-1966
  • Fulbright Grant, 1965-1969

Current Community Relationships

  • Global oversight committee member, Financial Executives International
  • Honorary consul, Federal Republic of Germany at Minneapolis
  • Past president, Minnesota Consular Corps
  • Vice president, German-American Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Chapter

International Teaching/Professional Assignments

  • Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Taiwan, Uraguay, Canada