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Thursday, February 6, 8:00 AM

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Gender, Power and Leadership

Most Western organizations are unreflectively built on the power and political tenets of the white masculine culture at work. This puts many women at a disadvantage, since the feminine culture views power and collaboration through quite a different lens. Much advice is given to women urging them to adopt behaviors of the masculine culture to succeed at work, but that results in women often acting as "honorary men," and does nothing to assist in critiquing current power relations with a look to evolving them, the way one might hope viewing the system from the lens of another culture might.

This seminar offers tools to understand the masculine and feminine power systems at work, what happens to women when they have to function within the masculine work culture, and strategies for addressing these differences that can help female leaders succeed, and female and male leaders begin to evolve their culture at work, rather than just conform to it.

Learning Outcomes
  • Deconstruct, reflect upon and operationalize definitions of power at work
  • Apply the presented gender/power/culture model to a case study and/or personal experiences
  • Brainstorm ways to use the model to help work culture evolve

About the Speaker

Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D., is president of Resources for Creative Change, Inc., a strategic organization change, leadership development and executive coaching firm in St. Paul, MN. Curran consults with organizational clients on ways to understand, increase and ethically leverage their use of power and political savvy on behalf of personal and organizational effectiveness, especially for women clients. As a strategic change consultant whose company has a 21- year-long track record of success, she assists leaders in successfully integrating business strategy with human and organizational systems issues so they obtain desired results.

Clients include 3M Company, Medtronic, Cargill, Delta Airlines, Hasbro, Allina, Boston Scientific and Minnesota Public Radio; small businesses; federal, state and local government agencies; nonprofits; and European corporations. Curran teaches Power and Leadership at the graduate level at St. Catherine University, has served on the business faculty of Menttium Corporation, has spoken on the topic of power and leadership at various conferences and is board secretary for the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.

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Event Details:
Thursday, February 6, 8:00 AM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
Terrence Murphy Hall
Room 252
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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