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SPAN: Successful Professionals Achieving in Nonprofits

Friday, December 5, 8:30 AM

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The Center for Nonprofit Management, part of the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas, will be holding its first SPAN program on December 5, 2008, at the university’s Minneapolis campus.

SPAN—Successful Professionals Achieving in Nonprofits—has been designed for corporate, business, or public sector employees who are interested in further developing and contributing their talents and experience within the nonprofit sector. SPAN will provide participants with an immersion experience to explore engaging in meaningful nonprofit leadership, management and board work. 

The Center for Nonprofit Management reports that an estimated 78 million American baby boomers plan to work beyond retirement age, with half interested in exploring “encore careers” in nonprofit and charitable organizations. To date, an estimated 1.1 million boomers have already begun putting their substantial corporate experience to work in second-stage careers that allow them to explore personal interests and contribute to their communities. Bill and Melinda Gates are, perhaps, the most notable examples of successful boomers turning their skills and resources to charitable endeavors. One 2008 survey by a research institute found that half of boomers are interested in starting new careers with a positive social impact.

The SPAN one-day immersion program is geared toward Individuals with experience in the corporate, business or public sectors interested in learning about themselves, their abilities and their experiences in mission-based nonprofit work. It will also appeal to anyone who would like to develop leadership expertise in roles as volunteers, as well as those who want to move into the sector as paid staff members.

Event Details:
Friday, December 5, 8:30 AM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
To be announced
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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