Health Care: Current Law and Future Implications

Friday, October 5, 7:30 AM

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Are you curious about the implications health care reform will have for your family, business and employees?

Join the community of business families at St. Thomas this October to hear from Daniel McLaughlin, director of the Center for Health and Medical Affairs at St. Thomas, about what is driving change, details regarding the law and future implications.

Topics covered include:

  • Issues in health care today
  • Understanding health care reform
  • Impact of reform on consumers, insurance companies, health care providers and the government
  • The future

This event is part of the Family Business Center's Breakfast Series.

Event Details:
Friday, October 5, 7:30 AM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
Opus Hall
Room 201
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Presented/Sponsored by the Family Business Center.

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