First Term Core Courses

New Evening UST MBA students should select one or two of the following core courses for their first term:

OPMT 600: Statistical Methods for Decision Making

3 credits

Analyzing and interpreting quantitative information is a primary component of effective business strategy development. This course examines statistical methods including sampling concepts, regression analysis and hypothesis testing. More advanced methods of statistical analysis for forecasting, quality control, simulation, and database management will also be discussed.  The class will include case analysis, discussions of business-related statistical problems and readings focused on state-of-the-art use of statistical methods in business decision making.

MGMT 600: Management of Organizational Behavior

3 credits

All organizations are impacted by how people behave in those organizations. A key role of a manager is to guide that behavior to successfully accomplish organizational goals. Management of Organizational Behavior is about this aspect of business. The class objectives are for you to (a) gain an understanding of the various theoretical views of behavior in organizations and (b) be able to use these theories to systematically analyze organizational situations and generate appropriate action plans. The course is designed to facilitate the incorporation of your experience and personal values about behavior in organizations into the development of these plans.

ACCT 601: Financial Accounting

3 credits

Financial accounting is an integral part of the planning, reporting, and control functions of every business. It is a means to uncovering insights about a firm's financial condition, operating results, cash flows, and ownership or capital structure. This course covers the fundamental terminology and calculations of financial accounting and reporting, as well as the comprehension and interpretation of financial statements. Ethical aspects of accounting are included.

BLAW 600: Legal Environment of Business

3 credits

This course is intended to familiarize you with the wide variety of legal forces that shape and affect the conduct of business in the United States. This course is not intended to train you as a lawyer or to import any particular expertise in the application of the law, rather it is designed to give you an understanding of the basic legal vocabulary and various legal concepts that will be encountered on a daily basis as a business manager. With this background, you should understand and anticipate legal issues and know when legal counsel should be sought. Topics include contracts, warranties and product liability; agency and employment relationships; business organizations; real estate transactions; and debtor/creditor relationships.

MKTG 600: Marketing Management


3 credits 

This course offers a managerial approach to the study of strategic market decision making. It will examine the basic principles of marketing and their use in developing an optimum marketing mix. It will cover such topics as market planning; segmentation and target marketing; channels of distribution; consumer behavior; competitive analysis; pricing, demand analysis and forecasting; promotion, sales management; and product decisions. The course is designed to build a conceptual foundation for understanding and analyzing marketing situations. You will learn a managerial approach to applying marketing principles to practical marketing situations. This course provides a foundation for further education in marketing.

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