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Academics & Curriculum

The part-time MBA curriculum consists of 17 three-credit courses, including 10 core courses, six elective courses and one capstone course.

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‌Our courses are focused on what you need to be an effective contributor. You will take classroom knowledge and immediately apply it to workplace challenges. Beyond their lectures, MBA faculty provide you with a hands-on learning experience consisting of presentations, group projects, case studies, simulations, guest speakers and stimulating discussions. Students often shape job-related experiences into class projects that benefit employers and themselves.

When you complete your MBA, you will know how to approach key business challenges and develop effective solutions. We teach you to consider multiple perspectives when making business decisions that may affect customers, employees and the community. Societal and environmental concerns are also incorporated in the coursework, mirroring the issues today's business leaders face.

Core Business Courses: 10 Courses

The core classes provide you with a broad, solid foundation of business knowledge in key disciplines and functions. 

  • Statistical Methods for Decision Making (OPMT 600)
  • Management of Organizational Behavior (MGMT 600)
  • Financial Accounting (ACCT 601)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BLAW 600)
  • Economics of Organization and Management (GBEC 600)
  • Marketing Management (MKTG 600)
  • Financial Management (FINC 600)
  • Business Ethics (BETH 601)
  • Managerial Accounting (ACCT 605)
  • Operations Management (OPMT 610)

Elective Courses: 6 Courses

Business electives allow you to specialize your degree: 

  • Accounting
  • Business/Marketing Communications
  • Entrepreneurship/New Ventures
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate

Elective courses are also available from other UST graduate programs:

  • Information Systems/Software Design (CSIS)
  • Technology Management (ETLS)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (ETLS)
  • Systems Engineering (ETLS)
  • Human Resource/Organizational Development (HRDO)

Capstone Course

The Strategic Management capstone course (MGMT 799) draws upon the analytical tools and managerial knowledge developed in all your previous MBA courses, and seeks to integrate them to address multifaceted business challenges and cases.

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