Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Online Client Application

Please complete the application for a Small Business Institute consulting project by answering the following questions. Optional fields are labeled as such; all others are required.

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Company Information

1. Company Name
2. Briefly describe the nature of your business
3. Major products, product lines, or services
4. Target market (geographical distribution)
5. Gender of the business owner
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6. Ethnic background of business owner
7. Is this your full-time job?
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8. Year company/organization was started
9. How many people, including yourself, does the company employ? (Enter "0" if not applicable.)


10. What were your company's sales in each year? (Enter "0" if not available.)


11. What is your legal form of ownership?
12. What type of business is your company? (check all that apply)
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13. Do you have a profit and loss statement for your business?
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14. Have you ever had an SBI project done for your business?
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15. How did you hear about the Small Business Institute?
 SBI Web Site  
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 Recommended by a friend  
 Advertising (where?)  
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 Business associate or board member (who?)  
16.Consultation Needs: Based on your marketing needs, please provide a detailed description of your consultation needs. These details may address issues such as identification of domestic and international marketing opportunities and target markets, assessment of current marketing activities, analysis of sales, consultation on market planning, areas of concerns that you are currently dealing with in your business, and any major decisions that you may make based on the results obtained from this project.

Cost of Participating in the Program

Business clients whose projects are selected to be in the program will be charged a nominal fee according to their annual revenue:

  • $400 for non-profit organizations and businesses with annual revenue under $1 million
  • $800 for organizations with annual revenue between $1-5 million
  • $1,200 for organization with annual revenue of more than $5 million

I agree to pay the fee associated with my participation in this program.