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MWMC Women@Work: Writing for the Web

Tuesday, November 15, 3:00 PM

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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web has its own rules, techniques and pitfalls. there are a lot of ways to get your ideas and your writing noticed. However, your audience is always just one click away from the exit. In this session we'll discuss how online is different from print writing; how to write effectively for different online media; how to increase the chances your words will be found; and how to create content that is more likely to be read. We'll cover do's and don'ts and work through some exercises to help you practice.

Presenter: Amy Simso Dean. A freelance copywriter for over 10 years and an instructor at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. She's worked with ad agencies, multinational corporations, small businesses and nonprofits, and she's written content for everything from websites to postcards. Before launching her business, she worked in sales and marketing in children's book publishing and in a crazy assortment of other jobs.

Event Details:
Tuesday, November 15, 3:00 PM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
Terrence Murphy Hall Room 252
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Presented/Sponsored by Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications.

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