Master of Business Communication

Extreme Makeover: Communication Edition

Wednesday, February 27, 8:30 AM

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How to reinvent the role of communications — and you — in your organization
It’s time to face reality: Fancy slideshows, slick brochures and innovation-touting news releases aren’t getting the attention they used to by their target audiences — and they’re not earning the respect of your business leaders any more.

Business communication practitioners have no choice but to move beyond distributing news and information and start improving the financial and operating performance of the business. Simply put, we need to add value like never before.

The time is now to undertake an extreme makeover and reinvent the role of communication in your organization.

In this lively, interactive workshop you’ll learn how communication practitioners are creating business value by shifting their functions from traditional cost centers to performance-driving value centers.

About the presenters

Jim Shaffer is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author on improving business performance and managing large-scale change, including helping guide lean six sigma transformations. Shaffer's focus is on improving work—and results—that people can control. His book, The Leadership Solution (McGraw-Hill), immediately became a classic treatise on leadership and people performance.

Shawna Todd is the founder of The Todd Group, which focuses on positively impacting business performance. By pinpointing where communication is most critical to business success, The Todd Group helps successfully deliver on operational initiatives, improve customer satisfaction and increase employee productivity and morale.

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Event Details:
Wednesday, February 27, 8:30 AM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
Opus Hall
Room 201
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Presented/Sponsored by UST Master of Business Communication Program.

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