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MWMC Women@Work: Brand Voice & Message Development

Thursday, April 19, 3:00 PM

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Brand Voice and Message Development 

Your brand already has a voice. Is the right voice? What about key messages? Have you taken the time to create them? How does your brand voice affect your key messages? Where does a tagline fit in? Do you need a tagline?

Brand voice, key messages and taglines are fundamental building blocks of any brand. Through information, real-world examples, and hands-on practice, this writing workshop will show you:

  • How to create the right voice for your brand
  • How to figure out if you need a tagline
  • Quick tips and techniques for writing taglines
  • How to create key messages
  • Where to use key messages
  • How to avoid the three most common key message errors

Come prepared to write and edit in a supportive team environment

Presenter: Gwyneth Dwyer, director of writing services at Larsen, a branding, design, marketing and interactive agency focused on helping clients tackle tough marketing challenges.

Event Details:
Thursday, April 19, 3:00 PM

University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
1000 LaSalle Ave
Opus Hall
Room 201
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Presented/Sponsored by Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications.

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