Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs

Graduation Application

For degree-seeking students in the MBA, MBC, MS Degree in Accountancy, and MS Degree in Real Estate programs.

It is necessary for each graduate to fill out and submit a graduation application.

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In what term do you anticipate your degree completion?

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Diploma and Graduation Ceremony Information

Please type your name EXACTLY as it should appear on your diploma. If you have had a name change, please contact the graduation coordinator (

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Do you plan to attend the spring graduation ceremony?

Note: Graduate students who complete the graduate coursework in the fall semester or J-term may attend the following spring commencement. Graduate students with 6 or less credits remaining at the time of commencement may walk in the commencement ceremony if they are enrolled for those credits in the summer session following the ceremony.

Cap and Gown Order

Students participating in commencement will be given a cap and gown (free of charge). A university hood will be provided for use in the ceremony. The university hood should be returned to the Bookstore commencement attendants immediately following the ceremony; please do not take it home.

We need your height (in feet and inches) and weight (in pounds) in order to provide the correct size gown. Women who are pregnant, please contact the graduation coordinator ( for help in ordering an appropriate sized gown.

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Pick-up Location

Recognizing Your Accomplishments (optional)

The Opus College of Business celebrates the accomplishments of our graduates. Please complete the following information if you would like Christopher Puto, Ph.D., Dean of the Opus College of Business, to send a letter to your supervisor heralding the completion of your degree.

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